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African Studies

Bomas, Kenya's Constitutional Review

The process of Kenya's constitutional review is as important as it is historic. It is the first time such a review has been done since independence and it may be a very long time before such an elaborate political process could be undertaken again. This video summarizes the Bomas conferences not only for posterity but also for civic education, future reviews, and research purposes. c2004. 90 min.

Bopha! = Arrest!

Portrayal of the play, Bopha!, which depicts South Africa's dreaded black police force, the tool of apartheid. Through the play the audience sees the reality and effects of South Africa's apartheid. Includes additional live footage of the black force in action. A classic of the South African township theatre movement of the 1980's. The Earth Players production of Percy Mtwa's Bopha! was produced at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg, South Africa. 1995. 59 min.

Breaking the Cycle. (Africa: Search for Common Ground; 2.)

Part of a series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Examines the issue of domestic violence were we meet abusers and victims working to break the vicious cycle in South Africa's Alexandra Township. 1997. 26 min.

Bridges of Trust. (Africa: Search for Common Ground; 4)

Part of a series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Examines three decades of war which has left Angola a deeply divided country. Mutual fear and mistrust make it difficult for people on both the MPLA and UNITA sides as they struggle to achieve reconciliation in their nation. 1997. 26 min.

Bringing Justice Home

Legal illiteracy is one of the reasons why a majority of Kenyans have no access to justice. This documentary looks at the paralegal training program sponsored by the NGO organization Legal Resources Foundation which is working to reduce legal illiteracy by enhancing legal and human rights awareness in the Kenyan community. 2003. 20 min. PAL format.

Building a Nation

A presentation of the history of Afrikanerdom according to Afrikaner Nationalists. It traces the arrival of the Dutch in southern Africa, through the Great Trek and the defeat of the Zulu nation at the Battle of Blood River, the founding of the independent republics, the Anglo-Boer War, to the establishment of the Union of South Africa. As an expression of Afrikaner chauvinism, this epic was for several decades used as a propaganda tool by the architects of apartheid to support their racist ideology. Originally produced in 1938. 120 min.

Building Peace

Focuses on cultural means of ending conflict featuring mainly the Akamba Peace Museum in Nairobi, Kenya. 200? 14 min.

Burundi: Reconciliation Radio (Africa: Search for Common Ground; 3)

Examines Rwanda and Burundi where hate radio has been used to incite ethnic violence. But now in Burundi, radio is also being utilized as a means of building understanding and promoting reconciliation. 1997. 26 min.

Burying the Machete. Children of War. [Sound Recording]

Side A. Burying the Machete (32 min.) -- Side B. Children of war (32 min.)Burying the Machete examines how Rwandans are trying to come to terms with the 1994 genocide. The survivors are still mourning their dead, but the call for justice is mounting while Rwanda's judicial system is incapable of dealing with the staggering case load of 150,000 suspected of involvement in the genocide. Children of War is the story of Angola's children. The displaced, amputees, orphans, child prostitutes and trauma victims tell how 30 years of war has affected them. 1995. 62 min.

Butterfly People: The Samburu of Northern Kenya

The Samburu are pastoralists whose lifestyle is undergoing change. This film presents a comparison between the old ways and new ideas, exploring circumcision and marriage rituals, astronomy, spiritual beliefs and the film director's own relationship with that community. Directed by Rhodia Mann. 2006. 42 min.