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African Cinema

Yesterday (South Africa, 2004)

Directed by Darrell Roodt. Cast: Kenneth Khambula, Leleti Khumalo, Harriet Lenabe, Lihle Mvelase, Camilla Walker. After falling ill, Yesterday learns that she is HIV positive. With her husband in denial and a young daughter to tend to, Yesterday's one goal is to live long enough to see her child go to school. Set against the awesome, harsh landscapes of South Africa. 95 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Zan Boko: Homeland. (Burkina Faso, 1988)

Directed by Gaston Kabore. A rural family's world is brutally disrupted when their ancestral village is absorbed by the expanding boundaries of their country's largest city. In More with English subtitles. 92 min.
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Zonk! (South Africa, 1950)

Directed by Hyman Kirstein. In the early 1950's, at the beginning of apartheid with its racial segregation and classification, this film was produced by Africans with an all Black African cast. It is a series of musical numbers, relying heavily on American Hollywood stereotypes of the black entertainer. The music ranges from 'Dixie' presentations to Harlem dance-hall, to Broadway top-hat and tie. In imitation of Al Jolson from the American minstrel tradition, one performance presents a black man imitating a white man in blackface. 58 min.
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Zulu Love Letter (South Africa, 2004)

Directed by Ramadan Suleman. Cast: Pamela Nomvete Marimbe, Sophie Mgcina, Kurt Egelhof. It is ten years since the last vestiges of apartheid's political regime were dismantled. For the average South African, the notion of the struggle has been all too quickly relegated to the past. But for Thandi, a journalist suffering from writer's block, a more profound struggle continues to rage within. Living in a nation that seems too eager to forget its past, Thandi cannot shake the gnawing sense of guilt that continues to alienate her from her own family. 100 min.