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The Red Kimono (1925)

Directed by Walter Lang. Story by Adela Rogers St. Johns; adaptation by Dorothy Arzner. Cast: Priscilla Bonner, Nellie Bly Baker, Carl Miller, Mary Carr, Virginia Pearson, Tyrone Power, Sr. "Gabrielle Darley is lured into prostitution by a village sport, who uses her earnings to support both himself and her. Gabrielle later discovers that her lover is planning to marry another woman, and she shoots him dead as he is buying a wedding ring in a jewelry store. Gabrielle is tried and acquitted. With no visible means of support, Gabrielle is at first taken up by a publicity-hungry socialite, but this woman soon tires of Gabrielle and turns her out into the street. Gabrielle is prepared to return to her old whorehouse in New Orleans when she is redeemed by the love of the chauffeur of her sometime benefactress. The chauffeur is inducted and goes overseas, leaving a penitent Gabrielle to await his return from France." [AFI] 80 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
Banned in Chicago. The film was also the target of an unsuccessful lawsuit for defamation in California seeking an injunction to prohibit its public viewing, which California courts refused to grant. [Wikipedia]