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A Raisin in the Sun</a> (1988)

Directed by Bill Duke. Performers: Scarletta DuPois, DannyGlover, Kimble Joyner, Kim Yancey, Esther Rolle, Lou Ferguson,Joseph C. Phillips, Helen Martin, John Fiedler, Stephen Henderson.A $10,000 insurance benefit creates conflicting dreams within aChicago ghetto family. Son, Walter Lee wants to start his ownbusiness while his mom wishes to spend her days in a little houseof her own. Their love a bond, their warmhearted humor a breath offresh air, their tenative hold on dignity - their lifeline. Afamily caught between the reality of their surroundings and achance at a piece of the American dream. 171 min. ;Pt. 1-2Credits andother information from the Internet Movie Database
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