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A propos de Nice (1930)

Directed by Jean Vigo; photographed by Boris Kaufman. "The film depicts life in Nice, France by documenting the people in the city, their daily routines, a carnival and social inequalities. Vigo described the film in an address to the Groupement des Spectateurs d'Avant-Garde: "In this film, by showing certain basic aspects of a city, a way of life is put on trial... the last gasps of a society so lost in its escapism that it sickens you and makes you sympathetic to a revolutionary solution." [Wikipedia] "Vigo offers a restructured perception of the world - not so much through a seamless, logical narrative, but rather a fast-paced collection of only tangent- ially related shots. The film provides a look at a reality beyond the prosaic, common variety that so many films give us." [Artificial Eye] Online Access through LFLFCInformation about this film from the Internet Movie Database
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