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Power of Place: World Regional Geography.

A telecourse designed to build understanding of geography by examining eleven regions of the world and their interconnections. Each program contains case studies which characterize an individual region. 1995. 58 min. each installment. Power of Place: Introduction. Europe: Confronting New Challenges, [Pt.1]. Europe: Confronting New Challenges, [Pt.2].. Russia's Fracturing Federation. North America: The Post-Industrial Transformation, [Pt.1]. North America: The Post-Industrial Transformation, [Pt.2]. The Geographic Dynamic of the Pacific Rim, [Pt.2]. South America: Continent of Contrasts. North Africa/Southwest Asia: The Challenge of Islam. Sub-Saharan Africa : Realm of Reversals. South Asia: Aspiring India. China and its Sphere, [Pt.2]. Southeast Asia: Between the Giants.