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Port Chicago Mutiny: A National Tragedy.

Documentary film, using a combination of interviews with participants, still photographs, and testimony from the trial, about the Port Chicago mutiny. The mutiny trial followed the worst home-front disaster of WWII, the deaths of 320 men in a munitions explosion at Port Chicago. The seamen loading the munitions were black and the officers in charge were white. Afterwards, the seamen who had not been working at the time of the explosion refused to return to loading munitions under the same conditions. Fifty were charged, not with disobeying an order, but with mutiny, a crime punishable by death. Narrator: Danny Glover. Interviews: Joseph Small (found guilty of mutiny), Robert Routh (injured in initial explosion), Percy Robinson (returned to work), Gerald Veltmann (defense attorney). Based on the book by Robert L. Allen, "Port Chicago Mutiny", Warner Books, 1989. c1990. 49 min. [preservation copy]