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Director, Peter Meineck. Cast: Yasmin Sidhwa, James Moriarty. A new translation for the stage of Sophocles earliest surviving play, Ajax, in which a warrior hero of the Greek army at Troy dies in dishonor. 1994. 71 min. [preservation copy]


Directed by Harry Love. Cast: Miriam Sharpe, Harry Love, Poppy Nonweiler, Ewen Kingston, John Dawson. A stage production of Sophocles' Antigone which relates how Antigone, in defiance of King Creon's command, gives the body of her brother a ritual burial, and how her condemnation to death by the king results in her suicide, the suicide of the king's sons, and the death of his wife. The Department of Classics, University of Otago and Classic Productions. 1998. 67 min.


Director Gerald Freedman. Cast: Genevieve Bujold, Stacy Keach, Fritz Weaver, Leah Chandler, James Naughton, Betty Miller, Louis Zorich. A filmed play adaptation from the Jean Anouilh reinterpretation of the Sophocles tragedy. First written and produced during the Nazi Occupation, this play about a young woman facing a morally corrupt world raises powerful questions of human interaction in regard to collaboration, responsibility and personal integrity. A production of Thirteen/WNET for NET Playhouse on PBS 10/7/72. 90 min.


Directed by Don Taylor. Cast: Juliet Stevenson, Gwen Taylor, John Shrapnel, John Gielgud. 1984. 120 min.


Jean Anouilh version; excerpts.


Jean Anouilh version. Directed by Howard Sackler.


Read in the original Greek. The text upon which the present reading...is based, was edited by Martin L. D'Ooge (Boston, 1888). Performed by members of Columbia University. Produced by Eugene Bruck.

Antigone (Antigoni) (1961)

Director George Tzavellas (Yorgos Javellas). Cast: Irene Papas, Manos Katrakis, 1962. Greek dialogue, English subtitles. 86 min. ; also on VHS Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Antigone (Theban Plays)

A new translation by Don Taylor; directed by Don Taylor. Cast: Juliet Stevenson (Antigone), John Shrapnel (Creon), John Gielgud, Gwen Taylor. c1988. 120 min. ; also on VHS View this video online (UC Berkeley users only)

Antigone: Rites of Passion

Director Amy Greenfield; featuring Bertram Ross, Janet Eilber, Amy Greenfield. An innovative dance/film interpretation of the classic Greek drama of the heroine who defied the state to bury her brother. The film examines the conflict between moral and political law. 1990. 85 min. ;