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Huey Newton

[Newton, Huey] A Huey P. Newton Story.

Directed by Spike Lee. Actor and writer Roger Guenveur Smith presents a solo perfomance of Huey P. Newton's life in a stream-of-consciousness monologue inspired by the writings and interviews of Newton, the late co-founder of the Black Panther Party. Director Spike Lee complements Smith's performance with an imaginative mixture of multiple camera angles and documentary footage. Based on the taped performance before a live audience in New York City, the film also features an award-winning score by Marc Anthony Thompson and guest solos by Branford Marsalis. c2002. 90 min.

[Newton, Huey] Huey Newton Interview, August 1971; Black Panther Party members in San Quentin, 1971 [sound recording]

Side one originally produced by Granada TV in August 1971; side 2 originally taped in August 1971. Side one: Unedited footage of Huey Newton discussing the Vietnam War, international solidarity and the significance of George Jackson's murder. Side two: Unidentified Black Panther Party members discuss the formation of the BPP branch in San Quentin, the underground prison economy, and the treatment they received as Panthers in prison from guards including censorship and threats for shaking hands with George Jackson.

[Newton, Huey] Huey.

A documentary film of the "Free Huey Newton" rally in California. Huey Newton is interviewed in the Alameda County Jail. Also includes an official Panther newsreel featuring interviews with Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, and the Black Panther 10 point program presented by Bobby Seale. 53 min.