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Directed by Lars Von Trier. Cast: Kirsten Olesen, Udo Kier, Henning Jensen, Baard Owe, Solbjorg Hojfeldt. A modern-language production of the classic tragedy of jealousy and revenge. Based on the play by Euripides, adapted for the screen by Carl-Theodor Dreyer. Based on the play by Euripides, adapted for the screen by Carl-Theodor Dreyer, the drama unfolds in shimmering marshlands and gloomy subterranean passageways. Medea is a foreign sorceress, abandoned by Jason, her lover who goes in search of the golden fleece. In a fit of rage she plots revenge and murders her own children. 1987.


Director, Mark Cullingham. Cast, Zoe Caldwell, Judith Anderson, Mitchell Ryan. Filmed at the Eisenhower Theater, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. 1982. 90 min.


Directed by Howard Sackler. Read by Anthony Quayle, Judith Anderson. Adapted from the English translation by Rex Warner. 69 min.


UC Berkeley production. 1982.


Original ballet scenario by Jean-Georges Noverre. Producer, director, Mariel McEwan. Cast: Dawn-Marie Gottlieb, Tim A production of Jean-Georges Noverre's 18th century ballet which tells the daunting tale of a woman's desperate love, jealousy and murder. Called "the father of modern ballet," Noverre was a seminal thinker on the importance of expression and gesture in ballet. Medea, his most famous ballet, is presented here by a chamber ensemble in full period costume accompanied by 16 musicians. Followed by "Recreating Medea," a discussion of the production by key participants.

Phaedra (France | Greece | USA, 1962)

Directed by Jules Dassin. Cast: Melina Mercouri, Anthony Perkins, Raf Vallone. A retelling of the Greek myth of Phaedra. In modern Greece, Alexis's father, an extremely wealthy shipping magnate, marries the younger, fiery Phaedra. When Alexis meets his stepmother, sparks fly and the two begin an affair. Based on Euripides' play "Hippolytus". 116 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

The Bacchantes

Director, Giorgio Ferroni. Cast: Taina Elg, Pierre Brice, Alberto Lupo, Alessandra Panaro, Akim Tamiroff. Dubbed into English. 1988. 100 min.

The Hippolytus

Translated and directed by Harry Love. Cast: Andrew Connolly, Anna Sutherland, Marilyn Parker, Andrew Barker, Andi Pannel, Nicki Waugh, John Dawson. The Department of Classics, University of Otago. 1995. 78 min.

The Trojan Women (UK | USA | Greece, 1971)

Director, Michael Cacoyannis (Mihalis Kakogiannis). Cast: Katharine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave, Genevieve Bujold, Irene Papas, Patrick Magee. Set at the end of the Trojan War, all the Trojan warriors and princes are dead and the women and children are left to be divided among the conquerors. An indictment against the horror and futility of war. Based on the play by Euripides. 105 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database Reviews and articles: Georgakas, Dan.

Three Greek Plays

Participants: Ellen Stewart (theater producer), Margaret Croyden (theater critic, author), Cast of La Mama Theater production company. Excerpts from the production at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club (New York City) of Andrei Serban's interpretation of the classic dramas Electra, Medea, and The Trojan women, with music by Elizabeth Swados. Margaret Croyden provides introductions and commentary. Ellen Stewart, founder and guiding spirit of La Mama speaks briefly about her goals in the modern theater. 1974. 57 min.