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Chuck Jones

Feed the Kitty (1952)

A bulldog, charmed by a kitten, tries to keep her hidden from his human guardian.

For Scent-imental Reasons (1949)

Pepe Le Peu chases a female cat in a perfume shop until she turns the tables on him.

Forward March Hare (1953)

Bugs mistakenly gets his neighbor's draft notice and causes a stir when he shows up as ordered.

Fox Pop (1942)

Directed by Chuck Jones. Warner Brothers. "A little red fox misunderstands the message when he hears a fur commercial on the radio saying that silver-furred foxes are in demand. He paints himself silver and turns himself into the Silver Fur Fox Farm, where he stays until he learns that the farm intends to skin him and remove his fur. He then takes part in a dangerous jailbreak. The story is told via a flashback and begins and ends with the fox destroying radios." [Big Cartoon Database]

Fresh Airedale (1945)

In his master's eyes, "good old Shep" is the perfect dog, but the cat knows he's really a two-faced mutt who can be bought off with a bone by a burglar, and then take credit for it when the cat chases the crook off. But then Shep becomes obsessed by a newspaper story proclaiming a real canine hero the nation's "No. 1 Dog."

Frigid Hare (1949)

Bugs rescues a penguin from an Inuit hunter at the South Pole and becomes obligated to it beyond his wildest dreams.

From A to Z-Z-Z-Z (1953)

In his first of two Warner Bros. cartoons, schoolboy Ralph Phillips daydreams in class, the lessons inspiring his fantasy heroics, such as being a pony-express rider, a deep-sea diver, a boxing champion and even General Douglas MacArthur.

Gas (1944)

Snafu learns the need of keeping his gas mask at hand when he is attacked by anthropomorphic gas cloud.

Ghost Wanted (1940)

An inexperienced little ghost tries out for a house-haunting job, but winds up getting terrorized by the fat ghost interviewing him for the position.

Going Home (1944)

Pvt. Snafu's unit suffers the consequences of blabbing military secrets while on leave at home.