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Our Secret Century: Volumes 7 and 8: Gender Roll Call and Tireless Marketers.

Contents: 1. Gender Roll Call -- 2. Tireless Marketers. Vol. 7, considers how and when girls and boys learn to be true to their sex in the inflexible fifties. The Home Economics story points out that "cooking is practically applied chemistry," and dinette doubles as darkroom when Mike's photographer wife solves those pesky two-career problems by quitting her job. Vol. 8 documents the growth of mass advertising and its migration from movie theaters to television. These sweet and subtle precursors to the infomercial include the journey of an animated drop of gasoline through the fuel-efficient 1935 Chevrolet and "RFD Greenwich Village," a suburban oasis where the modern villager relaxes in mod duds of all-cotton corduroy.Presented by Richard Prelinger. (CD-ROM for Macintosh)