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Le Grand Blanc de Lambarene (The Great White Man of Lambarene). (Gabon | Cameroon | France, 1994)

Director: Bassek Ba Kobhio Cast: Andre Wilms, Marisa Berenson, Alex Descas, Elisabeth Bourgine, Philippe Maury Cameroonian filmmaker Bassek Ba Kobhio provides a revisionist perspective on Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner and secular saint of the colonial era. Shot on the site of Schweitzer's hospital in Gabon, the film reveals him to be a man blinded to the people around him by his own spiritual self-absorption and arrogance. His paternalism leads him to cast Africans as childlike primitives to be protected from modernity, which for Ba 1995. 89 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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