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Trinidad & Tobago

Chutney in Yuh Soca: A Multicultural Mix

Chutney in Yuh Soca: a film showing the interaction of the East Indian and African populations of Trinidad and Tobago through the popular music "Chutney" which is an combination of Indian folk tunes with the tempo and spice of the Caribbean. The Gospel Truth: A Black family in Great Britain reaffirms their values and family cohesiveness through the singing of gospel music. Songs For Our Daughters: West Indian women in Britain discuss the way they pass their heritage and culture on to their mixed race daughters. 1996. 37 min.

Kaiso for July 27th.

The July 27, 1990 coup attempt in Trinidad and Tobago engineered by the Black Muslim group Jammaat al Muslimeen, took the world by surprise. This film examines the tensions in Trinidadian society which may have led to that action. c1991. 23 min.
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Mas Fever: Inside Trinidad Carnival.

Each year just before Lent, the people of Trinidad and Tobago pay homage to life in a spectacular display of West Indian culture and creativity. Preparations begin early in the season and reach a frantic pace on the eve of Carnival. Mas Fever goes behind the scenes for an insider's look at the people and events of this lavish festival. c1989. 55 min.


This short play by Derek Walcott, Trinidad's foremost black writer, is a metaphorical exploration of relations between black and white in the post-colonial world. The plot concerns a retired white actor and his black factotum; presumably they will perform a pantomime version of Robinson Crusoe, but rules become reversed, much to the white man's bewilderment and discomfort. Originally produced as part of the Thames Television series The English programme in 1981. 26 min.

Pure Chutney

Explores the Trinidadian-Indian culture and the events and accidents of history that constitute the Indian diaspora. Documents the diversity of the Indian diasporic populations in Trinidad and their struggle for identity. A video by Sanjeev Chatterjee. Dist. Cinema Guild. 1998. 43 min.

Worlds Apart (Portrait of the Caribbean; 5).

East Indians are the largest single population in Guyana and Trinidad. The influence of their strong cultural identity is examined. c1992. 45 min. [preservation copy]