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Ashakara (Togo / Switzerland, 1991)

Directed by Louis Mouchet. In this modern African tale set in Togo, an African doctor finds a cure to a deadly virus and decides to mass produce the drug at low cost in Africa. However, a pharmaceutical multinational does not want the doctor to succeed and sends an agent to Africa, first to buy the drug, then to destroy it. In African dialects and French with English subtitles. 94 min.

Mama Benz, an African Market Woman (God Gave Her a Mercedes Benz)

The colorful markets of Africa are often dominated by strong older women. They control price and determine who can buy their goods. These women rule the market and are treated with deference. Thanks to their business acumen, they have amassed a great deal of wealth. These women are affectionately referred to as Mama Benz. Because each one has as her trademark a chauffeured Mercedes Benz. This film focuses on one woman who presides over the cloth market in Lome, Togo. She is a lavishly dressed matron with a fully-staffed mansion who proudly travels the rutted dirt roads in her limousine.

Water of Ayole: Togo West Africa.

Shows how a poor community in Togo is making its water system work and providing safe water to about 600,000 people in 864 villages. Producer, Sandra Nichols. 1988. 28 min. [preservation copy]