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Tanzania / Zanzibar

Darwin's Nightmare

Documentary film that exposes the poverty and misery of people living on the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania who are dependent upon fishing the Nile perch from the lake for their meager earnings. The fish are exported by air to Europe to be sold cheaply and the planes that arrive to transport the fish at first seem to arrive empty, but turn out to carry weapons to Africa and fish away.

East Africa, Pathway to Growth

Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda are overcoming the legacy of central planning and charting a course from poverty to prosperity. Taking control of their own destiny, these countries have embarked on a voyage of economic recovery which depends on peace, political stability and commitment to reform, and the support of the international community, in which the International Monetary Fund is crucial. Dist.: Films Media Group. 1999. 47 min.

Gem Slaves: Tanzanite's Child Labour

Mererani in northern Tanzania is the only place on earth where the precious stone tanzanite is mined. Every day thousands of children risk their lives in poorly constructed mine shafts for barely a meal a day. Despite efforts to curb this deadly practice, the global thirst for tanzanite continues to drive these children undergound. 2006. 15 min.

In Search of Stability (The Africans)

Gives an overview of the several means of governing in Africa. Examines new social orders to illustrate an Africa in search of a viable form of government in the postindependence period. Compares African military regimes, one-party states, Marxism in Mozambique and the styles of the presidents of Tanzania and Zaire. 1986. 58 min.

Kumekucha at Sunrise: Women of Tanzania.

Documents the daily life of Tanzanian women as they seek to take their place in their society, as it is influenced through education and the impact of Western civilization. Dist.: Films Media Group. 1992. 28 min.

Servants of Love

Follows the work of Father Godfrey Biseko, a priest from the Diocese of Musoma, Tanzania, and forty volunteers, who call themselves "Servants of Love", who have dedicated themselves to serving the most abandoned and rejected of the society. These are the lepers, AIDS victims, elderly men and women, the physically and mentally handicapped, and orphans. On the shores of Lake Victoria are found three separate charity homes offering love and mercy to these unfortunate people. c1999. 15 min.

The Cultural Music of the People and Church of Eastern Africa

A look at songs, hymns and dances by performers from various countries in East Africa, particularly Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. 2004. 34 min.

The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance:

Cameroon, Zaire, Tanzania (); Chad, Cameroon (); Ivory Coast, Botswana, Republic of South Africa () (for complete listing of contents and times, consult OskiCat under series title: f se JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance).

These Hands.

Surveys a typical workday in the lives of impoverished women in Tanzania who manually mine gravel used for making concrete for urban building projects. Directed by Flora M'Mbugu-Schelling 1992. 45 min. ;
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Zanzibar Soccer Queens (Malkia wa soka Zanzibar)

In the Muslim country, Zanzibar, women's activities are severely curtailed. This is a portrait of a feisty group of women who have defied the cultural constraints by playing a man's game, soccer, giving reign to their competitive spirit, and defining new roles and identities for themselves in a predominantly Muslim society. Clerical disapproval has meant that there is a lack of women's teams with which to compete so the women must sometimes play against men's teams. A film by Florence Ayisi. 2008. 55 min.