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Africa Dreaming.

Contents: Sophia's homecoming / directed by Richard Pakleppa ; produced by Bridget Pickering (28 min.) -- Sabriya / written and directed by Abderrahmane Sissako; produced by Dora Bouchoucha Fourati (28 min.) -- So Be It / written, directed and produced by Joseph Gai Ramaka (28 min) -- The Gaze of the Stars / directed by Joao Ribeiro; produced by Pedro Pimenta

Chopi Music of Mozambique; Banguza Timbila.

Two short documentary films which depict performances of the timbila (marimba) music of the Chopi people who live in the village of Banguza, in the province of Zavala, in Mozambique. The procedures and techniques employed in making the musical instruments are shown in detail and the stories of the dances performed to the music are explained. Dist.: Flower Films. 1989. 60 min.

Cleansing the Past(Africa: Search for Common Ground; 4)

Part of a series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Examines the results of the civil war in Mozambique through one former soldier in the rebel FRELIMO army as he seeks to rejoin the community he left behind. The village puts him through a rite of exorcism, so he is able to resume his life as a fisherman. 1997. 26 min.

Farewell, GDR (South series)

In the 1980s young people from Mozambique immigrated to Germany only to experience discrimination. Upon their return to Mozambique they often found themselves outsiders in their own homeland. This film surveys their dilemma as they face groups antagonistic towards returning Mozambicans and economic hardships which caused them to immigrate to Germany in the first place. Directed by Licinio Azevedo. 1991. 25 min. ;
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Hopes on the Horizon

Chronicles the rise of pro-democracy movements in six African countries during the 1990s: Benin: a peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy -- Nigeria: a human rights movement challenges the military -- Rwanda: Historians build a platform for dialogue -- Morocco: Women's rights activists reform the traditional religious family code -- Mozambique: Agricultural cooperatives advocate economic reform and land rights -- South Africa: A township unites to promote quality education. 2001. 115 min.

In Search of Stability (The Africans)

Gives an overview of the several means of governing in Africa. Examines new social orders to illustrate an Africa in search of a viable form of government in the postindependence period. Compares African military regimes, one-party states, Marxism in Mozambique and the styles of the presidents of Tanzania and Zaire. 1986. 58 min. :6

Little Heroes.

An expose of the lives of the child soldiers who were kidnapped and forced to fight as guerrilla soldiers during the peasant revolt in the 1980's in Mozambique. A film by Ole Gjerstad. 1994. 49 min.

Mozambique, Farmers on the Frontier(Africa: Search for Common Ground; 7)

Part of a series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Deals with white Afrikaner farm families who are moving north to Niassa, causing fear and suspicion among peasant farmers in the region. In this film two farmers, one a white Afrikaner, the other a Mozambican villager, meet to discuss how they can live together in an integrated society which benefits both. 1997. 26 min.

Mozambique: The Struggle for Survival

Documents the effects of 25 years of armed conflict and the resulting famine on the people of Mozambique which is under seige from RENAMO, a terrorist group supported by South Africa. This film explores the political and racial background of the fighting and accuses South Africa of waging a campaign of destabilization and terror. Dist. Cinema Guild. 1987. 57 min.

Tchuma Tchato

On the South bank of the Zambezi river, where the borders of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia meet, the first Mozambican experience in community management of natural resources has transformed furtive native hunters into game wardens. A film by Licinio Azevedo. 56 min. 1997. [preservation copy]