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Common Enemies

This documentary tells the story of a group of Black muslims, American Indians and Chicano radicals who, in the mid-1980's, met eachother in Muammar Qaddafi's Libya. There they attended a series of his meetings intending to meet a revolutionary and to find a common cause. What ensued at the meetings and resulting consequences landed some of the participants in prison and increased political tensions between the U.S. and Libya. Directed and edited by Tonantzin De Aztlan and Nick Guroff. 2007.

Gaddafi's Gamble

Explores the recent history of Libya, isolated since Colonel Qaddafi seized power thirty-five years ago. Describes how the dictator squandered Libya's oil wealth and left its economy in ruins after years of bankrolling terrorists and dubious African liberation movements. Explains that Libya has recently been trying to rejoin the rest of the world and is using its vast oil reserves to woo back former foes, especially the United States. Examines why Qaddafi is suddenly renouncing terrorism, nuclear weapons, and socialism and asks what these changes may really mean.