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Backlash(Kenya, 2005)

Directed and produced by Mary Migui. Cast: Joyce Gachanja, Reuben Odanga, Wambui Murima, Joseph Omari, Abubakar Mwenda, Sarah Muhoho. A wealthy family in Kenya hides the fact that their son is HIV-positive so that he can marry and provide them with a grandchild. 81 min.

Benta(Kenya, 2007)

Directed by Mary Migui. Cast: Janet Kirina, Cajetan Boy, Salome Kinyanjui, Dan Mwangi, Nice Githinji, Betty Ngao, Melvin Alusa, Mike Rewa.Benta, a young girl from a well off family in Kenya finds her life turned around after her family dies in a road accident. She is forced to seek employment at the Fulani household to support her brothers. There she has to deal with the controlling Tabitha, lecherous Phillip, determined Dedan and spoilt Sheeana. 110 min.

Blaze Africa

Kenyan musician Odongo Mayaka presents Luo traditional music. 2006. 50 min.

Bomas, Kenya's Constitutional Review

The process of Kenya's constitutional review is as important as it is historic. It is the first time such a review has been done since independence and it may be a very long time before such an elaborate political process could be undertaken again. This video summarizes the Bomas conferences not only for posterity but also for civic education, future reviews, and research purposes. c2004. 90 min.

Bringing Justice Home

Legal illiteracy is one of the reasons why a majority of Kenyans have no access to justice. This documentary looks at the paralegal training program sponsored by the NGO organization Legal Resources Foundation which is working to reduce legal illiteracy by enhancing legal and human rights awareness in the Kenyan community. 2003. 20 min. PAL format.

Building Peace

Focuses on cultural means of ending conflict featuring mainly the Akamba Peace Museum in Nairobi, Kenya. 200? 14 min.

Butterfly People: The Samburu of Northern Kenya

The Samburu are pastoralists whose lifestyle is undergoing change. This film presents a comparison between the old ways and new ideas, exploring circumcision and marriage rituals, astronomy, spiritual beliefs and the film director's own relationship with that community. Directed by Rhodia Mann. 2006. 42 min.

Challenges of the Millenium

In September 2000 World leaders adopted the UN Millennium Declaration that set out development goals to reduce poverty and hunger; establish universal primary education; promote gender equality; reduce child and maternal mortality, fight disease and promote environmental sustainability. This documentary highlights the challenges facing Kenya in achieving these goals. c2003. 20 min.


Looks at the destructive impact of cattle rustling on the Pokot women of Masol and their efforts to put an end to the practice. Project of Rural Women Peace Link, National Council of the Churches of Kenya (NCCK). 2004. 22 min.

Children Speak

These are the proceedings of a national children's conference organized by the Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children in October 2002 where the children discussed the issues touching on children's rights in the draft constitution and gave suggestions and recommendations. 20 min.