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Sweet Sugar Rage.

Examines the problems of working conditions, labor relations, and domestic complications faced by women working on Jamaican sugar plantations. Shows how the Sistren Theatre Collective studied the plight of one woman sugar worker, wrote a play based on her situation, and used their performance of this play for an audience of sugar workers as a basis for a problems. Directed by Honor Ford-Smith & Harclyde Walcott. Dist.: Third World Newsreel. 1985. 45 min.

The Harder They Come.

Based on a true story, Jimmy Cliff portrays a superstar singer turned notorius criminal in Kinston, Jamaica. 1991.

Together Against Violence

Bennetlands is a ghettocommunity in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, which wasonce a peaceful place with a primary school, twochurches, and a health clinic. In the 1980s rivalgangs began a war over the main street, terrorizingthe neighborhood. When one of the gang leaders wasshot outside the health clinic, the community decidedto change things, and local leaders challenged thegangs to heal their differences and work together torestore a sense of community and peace in theneighborhood.

Women in Jamaica.

The political, economic, and social history of Jamaica and the lives of women now living there. Producer/director, Jill Fullerton-Smith. Dist.: Films Media Group. c1992. 58 min.