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Dead Mums Don't Cry

This documentary follows Grace Kodindo, an obstetrician in Chad, as she tries to stop mothers from dying during pregnancy. Women in Chad have a 1 in 11 chance of dying in pregnancy or during childbirth. But a few countries have succeeded in saving mother's lives. The film then moves on to Honduras which has cut maternal mortality far faster than some wealthier neighbors. Directed by by Tristan Quinn. 2005. 50 min.
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A video journey through the country of Honduras and the experiences of Peace Corps members and the families with whom they work and live with particular emphasis on environmental issues. 1995. 20 min.

Elvia: The Fight for Land and Liberty.

Chronicles the work of Elvia Alvarado, a Honduran woman peasant activist, in getting the peasants of Honduras to take over the land themselves and set up a land-reform program of their own. Directed and written by Laura Rodriguez, Rick Tejada-Flores. c1988. 27 min.

Garifunas Holding Ground.

Looks at the struggle by the Afro-indigenous Garifuna in Honduras to protect their ancestral lands from environmental destruction as they fight to shut down an illegal highway that is destroying crops, old growth forest and water supplies. A production of the Witness Project which uses video technology to investigate human rights abuses. Dist.:Witness Project. 2002. 11 min.

Witness to War: Dr. Charlie Clements.

Documents the career of Charlie Clements, an Air Force pilot whose Vietnamese War experiences convinced him that he had to build a new career as a physician, so that he could heal instead of kill. Focuses particularly on his work as a doctor in El Salvador during that country's conflict with Honduras in 1969. 1985. 30 min.
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