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Allah Tantou, a la Grace de Dieu (Allah Tantou, God's Will Be Done) (Guinea/France, 1991)

Director: David Achkar. Examines the life of the filmmaker's father, a diplomat under the Sekou Toure regime, who later disappeared into the Guinean gulag. Film reevaluates the turbulent decade of African independence and discusses its relevance to the new political order on the continent. In French and Soussou with English subtitles. 62 min. ;

Donka: X-Ray of an African Hospital (Radioscope d'un hopital Africain)

This film follows daily life in the largest public hospital in the Republic of Guinea, Donka Hospital in Conakry. Donka hospital typifies the financial crisis affecting the entire African health sector. Today, without assistance from governmental or international relief agencies and compelled to develop its financial autonomy, the hospital practices a paying health care policy designed to cover running costs. The financial strategy is applied at a high social and human cost, as access to treatment diminishes for many Guineans, compromising the very notion of public health services. 1996.

End of the Rainbow

Examines the cultural, economic and environmental impact of a transnational gold mining operation on a remote farming community in northeastern Guinea. Our two guides, the village chief and the head engineer of the mine, illustrate in telling detail the contrasting lifestyles and worldviews of global corporations and local, pre-industrial societies. Always in the background is the military regime of president Lansana Conte, in power since 1984, which granted the concession to the company.