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De Zaak M.P. (The M.P. Case) (1960)

Directed by Bert Haanstra. Cast: Albert Mol, Ko van Dijk, Ingrid Valerius, Mieke Verstraete, Julia de Gruyter, Germaine Loosveldt, Ramses Shaffy, Julien Schoenaerts, Kees Brusse, Jaak Germain, Robert Maes, Marcel Cauwenberg, Robert Marcel, Paul Storm, Bernard Droog. A comedy about the struggle between the Netherlands and Belgium, told through a football match during which the Flemish cultural monument Manneken Pis is stolen. 90 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Dokter Pulder zaait papavers (Doctor Pulder Sows Poppies)(1975)

Directed by Bert Haanstra. Cast: Kees Brusse, Ton Lensink, Dora van der Groen, Henny Orri, Karin Loeb, Manon Alving, Peter Romer. A smalltown doctor gets a visit from an old friend, now a famous neurologist. What he doesn't know is that this former surgeon has become a junkie and wants to steal his morphine. 102 min. Information about Nightmail from the Internet Movie Database

Een pak slaag (Mr. Slotter's Jubilee)(Netherlands , 1979)

Directed by Bert Haanstra. Cast: Kees Brusse, Paul Steenbergen, Bernard Droog, Jeroen Krabbe, Eric Schneider, Ellen de Thouars, Eric van Ingen, Annet Nieuwenhuyzen. When Old Slieps retires from managing a baby-buggy factory, he passes his mantle on to Hein Slotter, a dull yet efficient manager. As time goes by, the company directors who intensely dislike the man develop a plan to humiliate Slotter at a celebration of his 25th anniversary as a means of venting their feelings. Based on the novel by Anton Koolhaas. 100 min.

Fanfare (1958)

Directed by Bert Haanstra. Cast: Hans Kaart, Bernard Droog, Ineke Brinkman, Wim Van den Heuvel, Andrea Domburg, Albert Mol, Henk van Buuren, Herbert Joeks, Johan Valk, Ton Lutz, Riek Schagen, Sara Heyblom, Dio Huysmans. After a fight the brass band in a small village splits up into two separate bands. They both want to win a contest and will do anything to prevent the other band from winning it. 83 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Het bittere kruid (1985)

Directed by Kees Van Oostrum. Cast: Ester Spitz, Gerard Thoolen, Kitty Courbois, Frank Rigter. This interpretation of the life of a Jewish girl in Holland -- who escapes being sent to German death camps in 1942 while the rest of her family is deported -- is loosely based on the autobiographical novel by Marga Minco. The author sued to insert a disclaimer before the title that a fictional Nazi family introduced in this film and the young Jewish girl could never have had the relationship shown, a relationship contrary to her book and her experience.

Interview (2003)

Directed by Theo van Gogh. Cast: Pierre Bokma, Katja Schuurman. Against his will, a renowned journalist from a well-respected paper must interview the most popular actress in the Netherlands. Like competitors, the two go head-to-head while fighting an underlying sexual tension. Who will win this battle of razor-sharp tongues? 88 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Karakter (Character) (1997)

Directed by Mike van Diem. Cast: Jan DeCleir, Fedja Van Huet, Betty Schuurman, Tamar Van Den Dop, Victor Low, Hans Kesting. Dreverhaven is dead. The city's most feared bailiff, the curse of the poor, the agent of law without compassion--discovered with a knife through his heart. A self-taught lawyer who just passed his exams was the last person to see Drevehaven alive. Now, the police want to know why he visited the old man, and the young barrister is ready to tell the story of a lifetime. 125 min.

Keetje Tippel (Katie Tippel; Girl named Katy Tippel) (1975)

Directed by Paul Verhoeven. Cast: Rutger Hauer, Monique Van de Ven, Eddy Brugman, Andrea Domburg. In 1881 a young Dutch girl moves with her poor family from the farm to Amsterdam. Forced into prostitution by her mother, the feisty Keetje advances herself through a series of degrading jobs to become a woman of means, education and attainment. 77 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Lieve jongens (Dear Boys) (Netherlands, 1980)

Directed by Paul de Lussanet. Cast: Hugo Metsers, Hans Dagelet, Bill Van Dijk, Albert Mol. An exploration of the problem older homosexuals have in holding on to their younger lovers, as exemplified by the sexual fantasies of a middle-aged writer and the young men who dominate his life. Based on: Lieve jongens by Gerard Reve. 90 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

May 6th (06/05)(2004)

Director, Theo van Gogh. Cast: Thijs Romer, Tara Elders, Cahit Olmez, Jack Wouterse, Johnny de Mol, Caro Lenssen. A dangerous game of cat and mouse is set in motion following the murder of a prominent Dutch politician. Tabloid photographer Jim de Booy, a crime scene witness, stumbles into an investigation that reveals a complex conspiracy, putting his life and the lives of everyone close to him at risk. Based on events surrounding the 2002 assassination of Pim Fortuyn. 117 min.