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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Matamata and Pilipili (Congo)

In the 1950s a Belgian missionary and a film fanatic in the Congo, Albert Van Haelst, made twenty films featuring the African Laurel and Hardy -- Matamata and Pilipili. This documentary presents several of these first colonial films to come from the Congo, reclaiming an important episode in the history of Congolese popular culture while exploring the complex terrain of colonial relationships and media representations. 55 min.

Pieces d'Identites (ID) (Belgium / Congo, 1998)

Directed by Mweze Ngangura. Cast: Gerard Essomba Many, Dominique Mesa, Jean-Louis Daulne, Herbert Flack, Cecelia Kankonda, David Steegen, Tshilombo Lubambu, Muanza Goutier. A Congolese king searches for his daughter in Brussels where for a time he loses his royal fetishes, his identity, but finds a friend, a local cabdriver with a secret identity. With his help and a chain of coincidence (it must be destined), Mani Kongo is reunited with his daughter and his regalia and returns to Africa with a circle of friends. In French and Wolof with English subtitles. 93 min.