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Australia & New Zealand

Romper Stomper (Australia, 1992)

Directed by Geoffrey Wright. Cast: Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie, Alex Scott. Hondo leads a gang of skinheads that terrorize Vietnamese immigrants in their Melbourne neighborhood. He soon meets Gabe, a teenage girl from a broken home. Looking for adventure, she falls in love with Hondo and leaps into the careless and dangerous lifestyle of this band of racist punks. But when Gabe swaps partners for Hondo's right-hand man, Davey, she pits the two against each other leading to a shocking conclusion. 93 min.

Samson and Delilah (Australia, 2009)

Directed by Warwick Thornton. Cast: Rowan McNamara, Marissa Gibson, Mitjili Gibson, Scott Thornton. Samson and Delilah are two teens living in an isolated Aboriginal community in the Central Australian desert. When tragedy strikes, they turn their backs on home and embark on a journey of survival. Lost, unwanted and alone, they discover that life isn't always fair, but love never judges. Special features: "The things they said," short film by Survival; interviews with cast & crew; behind the scenes; theatrical trailer. 100 min.

Shine (Australia, 1996)

Directed by Scott Hicks. Cast: Geoffrey Rush, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Noah Taylor, Lynn Redgrave, John Gielgud. A dramatization of the true story of gifted Australian piano prodigy, David Helfgott who experiences a nervous breakdown and is hospitalized, but later returns to the concert hall. 105 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Star Struck (Australia, 1982)

Directed by Gillian Armstrong. Cast: Jo Kennedy, Ross O'Donovan, Margo Lee, Max Cullen, Pat Evison, John O'May, Ned Lander. Jackie Mullins rises from obscurity to win a rock contest at the Sydney Opera House. Her success unites the world of her ambitions and New Wave rock and the world of working class life in the Sydney Rocks where she works as a barmaid. This is an original blend of 'backstage' musical and working class comedy inflected by a popular feminism which displaces masculinity from the centre of Australianess as expressed in the rocker comedy. 94 min.

Strictly Ballroom (Australia, 1992)

Directed by Baz Luhrmann. Cast: Paul Mercurio, Tara Morice, Bill Hunter, Pat Thomson, Gia Carides, Peter Whitford, Barry Otto. Scott Hastings is a champion caliber ballroom dancer, but much to the chagrin of the Australian ballroom dance community, Scott believes in dancing "his own steps." Fran is a beginning dancer and a bit of an ugly duckling who has the audacity to ask to be Scott's partner after his unorthodox style causes his regular partner to dance out of his life.

Sweetie (Australia, 2002)

Directed by Jane Campion. Cast: Genevieve Lemon, Karen Colston, Tom Lycos, Dorothy Barry, Jon Darling, Michael Lake.

Ten Canoes (Australia, 2006)

Directed by Rolf de Heer. Cast: Storyteller, David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu. Crusoe Kurddal, Jamie Dayindi Gulpilil Dalaithngu, Richard Birrinbirrin, Peter Minygululu, Frances Djulibing. In the distant past, Dayindi covets his older brother's wife. To teach him the proper way, he is told a parable of forbidden love from the mythical past, a story of wrong love, kidnapping, sorcery, and revenge gone wrong.

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (1978)

Directed by Fred Schepisi. Based on a true story focusing on the racism and hypocricy of a small Australian town at the turn of the century. Jimmie Blacksmith, a young Aborigine, is shunned by the town's white population despite his Christian education. He marries a white girl but when she gives birth to a "white" child, she is encouraged to leave her husband. When his employer refuses him food and payment, this final act of injustice pushes Jimmie over the edge. Driven by hate, and demanding retribution, he enters his employers house wielding an axe.

The Coca-Cola Kid (1985)

Directed by Dusan Makavejev. Cast: Eric Roberts, Greta Scacchi, Bill Kerr. Becker, a wiz-kid marketing man, is sent to Australia to boost the famous soft drink's wavering sales. T. George McDowell is the ruling soda czar in this mini "pop monopoly." When Becker's offer to merge in the hope of tripling profits is rejected, an unlikely chain of events ignites and leads to an amusing solution to the cola war. Based on short stories by Frank Moorhouse. 94 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

The Efficiency Expert (aka Spotswood)(1992)

Directed by Mark Joffe. Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Ben Mendelsohn, Alwyn Kurtz, John Walton, Tony Collete, Russell Crowe, Daniel Willie. The Ball's Moccasins company is cash poor, but efficiency expert Erroll Wallace has come to rescue the eccentric family-run enterprise. With his charts, stopwatch and clipboard at the ready, Wallace aimes to streamline this, and maximize that, but can a bunch of cuckoos run a factory like clockwork? 97 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database