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Land of Opportunity

A character-driven documentary that interweaves the stories of a diverse group of people struggling to rebuild post-Katrina New Orleans. Juxtaposing different perspectives, from urban planners to immigrant workers to public housing residents, we see how the story of this city is the story of urban America. Filmed over a period of five years, this is a ground-level view of a situation that has been widely discussed but rarely seen with such texture and complexity. Extras include: Back On the Block (3 min.): In the summer of 2010, Tr'Vel Lyons returns to New Orleans and reflects on how it has changed, and St. Joe (9 min.): originally commissioned by New Orleans artist Bob Tannen, this video is a visual dirge to the bricks that built public housing in New Orleans. Producer, director, editor Luisa Dantas. Dist. New Day Films. 2010. 97 min.