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The Katrina Experience. Disc 1, A Compilation of Short Films

An eye in the storm (USA, 2006, 20 min.) / directed by Neil Alexander -- Still standing (USA, 2006, 7 min.) / directed by Paola Mendoza -- New Orleans furlough (USA, 2006, 10 min.) / directed by Amir Bar-Lev -- After Katrina: rebuilding St. Bernard Parish (USA, 2006, 22 min.) / directed by Adam Finberg. Eye on the storm: A stunning video diary offering up first person accounts that go way beyond the television coverage, beginning from the day the hurricane barreled its way into the lives of New Orleans' residents through their struggles to make sense of the aftermath. Still standing: A filmmaker comforts her Columbian grandmother as they examine the wreckage of her home in Waveland, Mississippi after the hurricane. The vulnerability of the foreign and the elderly is poignantly revealed, as well as this grandmother's surprisingly indomitable spirit. New Orleans furlough: A member of the National Guard returns from Iraq and sees in New Orleans' devastation a new mission. But his personal demons make him as dysfunctional as our own government was in coping with the tragedy. After Katrina: rebuilding St. Bernard Parish: A sensitive elegy to a working-class community's destroyed neighborhood and its passionate commitment to rebuild. We are offered intimate views of the nitty-gritty challenges that confront its residents. 2006.