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It's All True

Welles' ambitious film project in Brazil for the United States' anti-Nazi "Good Neighbor Policy" was shelved by RKO. This documentary features the story of the film's making and unmaking and includes portions of "Story of Samba (Carnaval)", "My friend Bonito" and all of "Four men on a raft" which was the only part of the project completed. The story of Samba (Carnival) / writer, Robert Meltzer; cinematographer, Harry J. Wild -- My friend Bonito / director, Norman Foster; producer, Orson Welles; story, Robert Flaherty; cinematographer, Floyd Crosby -- Four men on a raft / director, Orson Welles; cinematographer, George Fanto; still photography, Chico Abuquerque. Shot 1942; released 1993. 86 min. Information about this film from the Internet Movie Database

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