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Hollywood Chinese: the Chinese in American Feature Films

Documents the representation and involvement of the Chinese in American cinema from the silent era to the 21st century. While celebrating their contributions to American filmmaking a haunting and telling undercurrent of racism and stereotypes weaves its way in, suggestive of the difficulties that Chinese men and women found working in Hollywood -- particularly in the early years. As a historical footnote, Dong also makes film history by rediscovering and editing in footage from what is alleged to be the first Asian-American film ever made: the 1916 "The Curse of Quon Gwon," directed by Marion Wong.
Contents: Disc 1. Movie magic -- Cinematic memories -- Early Chinese images -- Chinatowns -- Movie: "The Curse of Quon Gwon" / Marion Wong (1916) -- Lotus blossom & Grandview films -- The good earth -- Anna May Wong -- Dragon seed -- Charlie Chan -- Fu Manchu -- Actor's dilemma -- World War II -- James Wong Howe -- Suzie Wong -- The last emperor -- Flower drum song -- Career paths -- Kung Fu -- James Hong -- Chan is missing -- The Joy Luck Club -- M. Butterfly -- The virility card -- Xiu Xiu -- Chinese from Asia -- Better luck tomorrow -- Progress and prospects. Disc 2. Special features (3 hrs, 30 min.): Vingate trailers ; Flower Drum Song world premiere news footage ; Early silents: Scene in a Chinese restaurant (1903, 0:17) -- Scene in San Francisco Chinatown (1900, 00:33) -- "That Chink at Golden Gulch" / director, D.W. Griffith (1910, 14 min.) -- "The heathen Chinese and the Sunday school teachers (1904, 2:46) ; Soundies: "Chinatown, my Chinatown" (2:43) -- "Where's the chicken in the Chicken chow mein" (2:47) -- "Wise man say" (2:55) ; Gallery of movie memorabilia from pre-1950s films ; interview outtakes with the stars of Hollywood Chinese. Director, writer, Arthur Dong. 2007. 89 min.