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Heritage: Civilization and the Jews

Episode 1, A People is Born (3500 B.C. to 6th Century B. C.). Focuses on Jewish and Near East-ern life and culture from prehistory down to the sixth century B.C. Discusses the Exodus, the birth of Israel, and the Babylonian exile. 63 min. ; :1 pt. 1Episode 2, Power of the Word (6th century B.C. to 2nd Century B.C.). Explores Jewish culture and civilization from the sixth to the second century B.C. Chronicles the emergence of a Jewish identity based on ideas, not territory, and the intellectual interaction between the Jewish world and classical Greece and Rome. 60 min. ; :2 Pt. 2Episode 3, The Shaping of Traditions (1st to 9th Centuries). Explores Jewish culture and civilization from the first to the ninth centuries. Explores the rise of Christianity and Islam and the development of new trends within the Jewish world. Discusses the shift of Jewish life from the Near East to the European continent. 60 min.