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H-2 Worker.

From WWI to the 1990s, 10,000 Caribbean men were chosen yearly by American sugar corporations to harvest sugar cane for six months in Florida under temporary "H-2" visas. This film exposes the brutal, systematic exploitation of these Jamaican guest workers by the Florida sugar cane industry. Today this documentary provides an invaluable resource to understanding the current debate over guest worker provisions of immigration legislation. While Florida's sugar cane cutters have been replaced by mechanical harvesters, guest worker programs have expanded in agriculture, hotel, restaurant, forestry, and other industries. Contents: Farm Worker Program acceptance -- A ton of cane an hour -- "Hereditary urge" -- Not much sugar in cane -- From barracks to bus to field -- American labor doesn't want that job -- A matter of simple arithmetic -- My turn to get cut -- The probability is not there -- The Okeelanta strike -- See you next season. Special features: Update on the guest worker program (19 min.); Short: "More than luck" (1 min.); Trailer: "Life and debt" (2 min.); Audio commentary by director Stephanie Black [optional]; About Docurama [text feature]; Docurama trailers (9 min.). Produced and directed by Stephanie Black c1990. 67 min. ;

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