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Documentaries on the 1930's

[Roosevelt, Franklin D.] FDR. (American Experience; 777)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt led America through the two greatest crises of this century, the Great Depression and World War II. Part one is based on Before the trumpet, by Geoffrey C. Ward. It covers Roosevelt's early years and early political successes. Part two is based on Geoffrey C. Ward's A first class temperament. It begins with Roosevelt's bout with polio at age 39 and ends with his election to the presidency. Also details Eleanor's rise in public life. Part three explores FDR's response to the Great Depression.

[Roosevelt, Franklin D.]The Democrat and the Dictator.( A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers)

Journalist Bill Moyers compares and contrasts the careers of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler, focusing on the youth, personality, leadership style, and political goals of each. 1984.