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Adventures of Felix (Drole de Felix) (France, 2000)

Directors, Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau. Cast: Sami Bouajila, Patachou, Ariane Ascaride, Pierre-Loup Rajot, Charly Sergue, Maurice Benichou. This French comedy-drama features Felix, an unemployed, gay Frenchman of Arab descent, who has a series of adventures during a trek through the French countryside. The film examines the familiar theme of a man's search for his identity. Felix is forced to confront the anger he feels toward his father for abandoning him, and the fear and shame he feels, living as an outsider in a predominantly straight, Caucasian world. 95 min.

Another 48 Hours (1990)

Directed by Walter Hill. Cast: Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte, Brion James, Kevin Tighe, Ed O'Ross. Hard-nosed cop Cates and ex-con Hammond team up together again-- Cates to prove he's innocent of manslaughter in a drug bust gone wrong, and Hammond, who's just been released from prison, to fight those trying to take his life. 97 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Arabian Nights (1942)

Directed by John Rawlins. Cast: Jon Hall, Maria Montez, Sabu. Lavish epic of brother fighting brother to win political power and the love of a woman, mesmerizing Scheherazade, the fiery dancing girl who will prove to be one man's downfall and another's greatest reward. 87 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Around the World in 80 Days (1956)

Directed by Michael Anderson. Traveling across two oceans, over five seas and through 16 countries, an Englishman in the 1870s tries to circumnavigate the world in eighty days to win a wager. 179 min. :1&2. Online Access through LFLFC ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Around the World in 80 Days (2004)

Directed by Frank Coraci. Cast: Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan, Cecile de France, Jim Broadbent, Ewen Bremner, Ian McNeice, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a lively discussion with Lord Kelvin, inventor Phileas Fogg states his belief that it's possible for someone to travel around the globe in a mere 80 days. Kelvin challenges him to prove it, and adds a wager: if Fogg can't circumnavigate the globe in 80 days, he'll have to give up inventing forever. Fogg and his crew of two take the challenge. They travel by train, boat, balloon, horseback, or any other means at their disposal. 120 min.

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

Directed by Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang. Cast: Nicolas Cage, Shahkrit Yamnarm, Panward Hemmanee. Joe is a professional hit man, who, during his missions, picks someone off the street to do his errands and after he is finished kills that person. His next assignment takes him to Bangkok where he will be for a month, and as usual, he finds a street kid named Kong to help him. After Kong has a close call and learns who Joe is, he asks Joe to train him. Needing a few medical supplies, Joe stops at a local pharmacy and meets a local girl who is deaf and spends time with her.

Barbary Coast (1935)

Directed by Howard Hawks. Cast: Miriam Hopkins, Edward G. Robinson, Joel McCrea, Walter Brennan, Frank Craven, Brian Donlevy. Mary Rutledge arrives from the east to find her fiance dead, and goes to work at the roulette wheel of Louis Charnalis' Bella Donna, a rowdy gambling house in San Francisco's Barbary Coast of the 1850s. She falls in love with miner Carmichael and takes his gold dust at the wheel. But when she goes after him, her ruthless gambling boss follows her with intent to harm Carmichael. 90 min.

Bardelys the Magnificent (1926)

Directed by King Vidor. Cast: John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman, Roy D'Arcy. In France, in an age of light loves and lively scandals, the Marquis de Bardelys (Gilbert) casual womanizer and accomplished swashbuckler, is entranced by Roxalanne de Levedan. Against a background of knavery and intrigue, he sets out to woo and win her. Based on a novel by Rafael Sabatini. Special features,'Rediscovering John Gilbert / a documentary by Jeffrey Vance & Tony Maietta (30 min.) 91 min.

Beau Geste(1939)

Directed by William Wellman. Cast: Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Robert Preston, Brian Donlevy, Susan Hayward, J. Carrol Naish, Donal O'Connor, James Stephenson. Beau Geste and his two brothers join the Foreign Legion after their family's Blue Water sapphire disappears. 114 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Beowulf (1999)

Directed by Graham Baker. Cast: Christopher Lambert, Oliver Cotton, Gotz Otto, Layla Roberts. Living in a techno-futile world of the future, a medieval land where technology's secrets are locked away in a mute past, Beowulf fights his way through a besieging army and into a mysterious, ominous castle on the edge of nowhere to face an evil within. 93 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database See also:Bildhauer, Bettina.