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Ethan Mao (2004)

Directed by Quentin Lee. Cast: un Hee Lee, Raymond Ma, Julia Nickson, Kevin Kleinberg, David Tran, Jerry Hernandez.takes him in. After being tipped off by his younger brother that his family is going on a day trip on Thanksgiving Day, Ethan asks Remigio for a ride to his family house to get some of his belongings. Ethan and Remigio break into Ethan's family house, but are caught in the act and have no choice other than to hold his parents hostage. In the following increasingly desperate hours, Ethan, his family and Remigio are forced to confront their unresolved conflicts between each other. As the tension between Ethan and his family escalates, their inner demons and family secrets unravel in this suspenseful drama. 87 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database