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The Wereth Eleven (2011)

Directed by Robert Child. Cast: Ken Arnold, Chris Cudzilo,Thomas McArdle. Narrator, Corey Reynolds During World War II, 1.2million African-Americans served in America's Armed Forces. Fully125,000 served overseas, and 708 were killed. Among these were theWereth Eleven. Based on true events, this docudrama tells the storyof these eleven men who were ruthlessly murdered by the Nazi SSduring the Battle of the Bulge. Weaved together are exciting visualeffects, never-before-seen archival footage, and compellinginterviews to detail one of the least-known atrocities committedduring World War II.

Today's Special (2010)

Director, David Kaplan. Cast: Aasif Mandvi, Jess Weixler, Madhur Jaffrey, Harish Patel, Kevin Corrigan, Dean Winters, Naseeruddin Shah. Samir is a traditionally trained chef who works as the sous chef in an exclusive restaurant in Manhattan, but when he learns he's been turned down for an expected promotion, he leaves in a huff and isn't asked to return.

Valentino's Ghost

Valentino's Ghost takes viewers on a chronological journey through more than a century of images of Muslims, Arabs and Islam in the U.S. media, from the early 20th-century fantasies of romantic sheiks to today's damaging stereotypes as evil fanatics. The film shows the way in which the changing image of Arabs and Muslims has mirrored America's political agenda in the Middle East.