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All About the Benjamins(2002)

Directed by Kevin Bray. Cast: Ice Cube,Mike Epps, Eva Mendes, Tommy Flanagan. Abounty hunter chases a bail jumper to anabandoned warehouse that just happens to bethe exchange place for a major diamondheist. Now the would-be adversaries need tocooperate to foil the diamond thieves. 98min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database

Amazing Grace (UK / USA, 2006)

Directed by Michael Apted. Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Rufus Sewell,Michael Gambon, Albert Finney, Youssou N'Dour, Ciaran Hinds. Adramatization of the life of the human rights activist, culturalreformer and member of Parliament, William Wilberforce whosustained a twenty-year fight in 19th century England, endeavoringto end the British transatlantic slave trade. Wilberforceencountered intense opposition from members of Parliament but hisminister John Newton, a reformed slave ship captain who penned thehymn "Amazing Grace" urged him to see the cause through. 118 min.

Amen (France / Germany / Romania / USA, 2002)

Directed by Costa-Gavras. Cast: Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovtiz, Ulrich Muhe, Michel Duchaussoy, Ion Caramitru, Marcel Iures, Friedrich von Thun, Antje Schmidt, Angus MacInnes. When a newly commissioned SS Lieutenant witnesses the chemical disinfectant he's helped perfect being used to systematically murder interred Jews, he knows he must act. The only symphatic ear he finds is a young priest with ties to the Vatican.

America 101 (2005)

Directed by Mark A. Russell. Cast: Miguel Castro, Richard Azurdia, Christine Carlo, Gerald Brodin, Jordi Caballero, Louie Olivos Jr. When two brothers from a small Mexican town decide to cross the border and live the great "American Dream," they get far less than they bargained for. Double-crossed by a smuggler, they find themselves alone in the desert. What follows is a strange and hilarious adventure as they make their way to Tucson, working as day-laborers and sleeping in the park, living as social outcasts. Filled with crazy characters and eye-opening truths. 86 min.

America, The Encounter (2002)

Directed and edited by Jose Garrotte. Cast: Oscar Rojas, Mireia Negre, Victor Viveros, Paula Tejeda. Examines the human experience and the individual's struggle for the understanding of his own soul through the eyes of a recently arrived hispanic immigrant and his disillusionment with America. The film communicates its message through poetry, dance, songs and painting. Based on the theatrical play by Oscar Rojas. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 26 min.

American Family. Season one (TV, 2002)

Created by Gregory Nava. American Family, the first drama series to air on broadcast television featuring a Latino cast, reveals the enduring strength of family in America today as it chronicles the lives of the Gonzalez's, residents of East Los Angeles.Cast: Edward James Olmos, Sonia Braga, Constance Marie, Esai Morales, Raquel Welch, A.J. Lamas, Rachel Ticotin, Austin Marques. Episodes 1-4. Contents: American family (Pilot) -- The sewing machine -- Crash boom love, parts 1 & 2. Creator/executive producer/director, Gregory Nava. ca. 180 min.

American Fusion (2005 )

Directed by Frank Lin. Cast: Esai Morales, Sylvia Chang, Pat Morita, Collin Chou. Yvonne is a divorced middle-aged Chinese immigrant who thinks her life is over, doomed to spend the rest of her days as a slave to her large and eccentric family. Suddenly, romance enters her life and Yvonne gets a long deferred chance for true love. Cultures collide as she falls for the last person a Chinese family would ever accept, Jose, a Mexican-American dentist. A warm-hearted satire of ethnic stereotypes and family relationships providing nonstop laughs. 94 min.

American Gangster (2007)

Directed by Ridley Scott. Cast: Denzel Washington, RussellCrowe, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Josh Brolin, TedLevine, Armand Assante, John Ortiz, John Hawkes, RZA, Lymari Nadal,Roger Guenveur Smith. Disc one: Unrated extended version (177 min.); Original theatrical version (158 min.) -- Disc two: Specialfeatures (ca. 113 min.) -- Disc three: Special features (ca. 53min.). Following the death of his employer and mentor, BumpyJohnson, Frank Lucas establishes himself as the number one importerof heroin in Harlem. He does so by buying heroin directly from asource in South East Asia.

Anne Frank (USA / Czech Republic, 2001)

Directed by Robert Dornhelm. Cast: Ben Kingsley, Brenda Blethyn, Hannah Taylor Gordon, Tatjana Blancher, Joachim Krol, Jessica Manley, Nick Audsley, Jan Niklas, Lili Taylor. A dramatization that paints the true portrait of Anne Frank both before and after she went into hiding. Get to know the high-spirited and popular girl before the war, and experience the challenges of the brave people who risked their lives trying to keep her safe. This film also explores the enduring mystery of who betrayed the Frank family and reveals what happened next. 189 min.

Antwone Fisher (2002)

Director, Denzel Washington. Cast:Derek Luke, Joy Bryant, Denzel Washington,Salli Richardson, Earl Billings, KevinConnolly, Viola Davis, Rainoldo Gooding.Guided by a determined Navy psychiatrist, atroubled sailor embarks on a personal,emotionally inspiring journey to confronthis past and connect with the family henever knew. Inspired by the true lifeexperiences of Antwone Fisher. Specialfeatures: Commentary by director DenzelWashington and producer Todd Black;"Meeting Antwone Fisher" featurette; "TheMaking of Antwone Fisher" behind-the-scenesfeaturette; "Hollywood and the Navy"featurette.