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This Rebel Breed (1960)

Directed by Richard L. Bare. Cast: Rita Moreno, Mark Damon, Gerald Mohr, Jay Novello, Eugenio Martin. Black, Anglo and Hispanic high-school gangs duke it out in this story about two undercover cops who infiltrate the gangs to stop narcotics trafficking. The undercover cop Frank is of mixed black American and Mexican parentage, which means no gang is going to easily accept him while his partner Don is an Anglo cop. When Lola's boyfriend is killed in a gang fight she starts to fall for Frank.

Titicut Follies (Documentary, 1967)

Directed and produced by Frederick Wiseman. Filmed at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution Bridgewater, this documentary shows harsh scenes of the life and treatment of the criminally insane inmates. 84 min. "Titicut Follies was banned in the United States after a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court determined that the film violated the patients' right to privacy.

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

Directed by Robert Mulligan. Cast: Gregory Peck, Brock Peters,Mary Badham. A small-town Southern lawyer loses friends andsocial position when he defends a black man unjustly accused ofrape, but gains the esteem of his motherless children. 116 min.;
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To Sir, With Love (1966)

Directed by James Clavell. Cast: Sidney Poitier. A noviceteacher faces a class of rowdy, undisciplined working-classpunks in this classic film that reflected some of the problemsand fears of teens in the 60's. 105 min.
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Kelley, Samuel L. The evolution ofcharacter portrayals in the films of SidneyPoitier, 1950-1978 (NEWS: MICROFICHE.6030.Unit98)

Transport From Paradise (Transport z raje) (Czechoslovakia, 1963)

Directed by Zbynek Brynych. Cast: Vlastimil Brodsky, Juraj Herz, Vaclav Lohnisky, Ladislav Pesek, Ladislav Potmesil, Ilja Prachar, Zdenek Stepanek, Walter Taub, Josef Vinklar. Depicts life in the Terezin Ghetto, a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia during World War II, where the Nazi guards permit their Jewish prisoners to roam freely about the camp and conduct their own business and social affairs but the prisoners' main fear is that they may at any moment be shipped off to one of the death camps. Based on the book: Night and hope / by Arnost Lustig. 94 min.

U.C. Charter Day, 1962. President John F. Kennedy

This film was shot at President John F. Kennedy's appearance at the University of California, Berkeley Charter Day, March 23, 1962 at which he was awarded an honorary LLD degree. On the platform with President Kennedy are Governor Edmund G. Brown, Chancellor Edward W. Strong, Chairman of the Board of Regents Edwin Pauley, and President of the University Clark Kerr. 19 min.

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Uncle Tom's Cabin (1965)

Directed by Geza von Radmanyi. Cast: Herbert Lom (SimonLegree), John Kitzmiller (Uncle Tom), Olive Moorefield (Cassy), O.W. Fischer, Catana Cayetano, Michaela May, Mylene Demongeto.Harriet Beecher Stowe's nineteenth-century classic story of thepre-Civil war South. Peace-loving Tom is forced to submit to hissadistic master, the evil Simon Legree. Helpless slaves-raped,tortured, and humiliated-are eventually driven to rebel againsttheir wicked oppressors.

Victim (UK, 1961)

Directed by Basil Dearden. Cast: Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Syms, Dennis Price, Anthony Nicholls, Peter Copley, Norman Bird. A highly respected, but closeted barrister, Melville Farr, risks his marriage and reputation to take on an elusive blackmail ring terrorizing gay men with the threat of public exposure and police action. Widely regarded as the film that provoked the British parliament to begin amending its laws against homosexual acts. 100 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Vortex (UK, TV, 1969)

Directed by Philip Dudley Cast: Margaret Leighton, Richard Warwick. Explores the darker side of the cocktail party set. Emotional blackmail, drug abuse and shattered relationships are minutely observed in this disturbing, early piece from the playwright. Based on the playt by Noël Coward. 70 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

West Side Story (1961)

Directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. Cast: Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno, George Chikiris. Musical based on the Romeo and Juliet story, set in New York's West Side slums during the late 1950's, with gang warfare erupting when Maria, sister of the leader of the Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks, falls in love with the leader of the rival Anglo gang, the Jets. 153 min. ; ;