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Free to Love (1925)

Directed by Frank O'Connor. Cast: Clara Bow, Donald Keith, Raymond McKee, Winter Hall, Charles Hill Mailes. After serving time for a crime she did not commit, Clara Bow tries to kill the judge but can't go through with it. She becomes his ward instead and falls in love with a family friend -- a minister whose father has a weakness for jewels. Clara becomes unwittingly involved with the criminals who deal in stolen gems; but in the end she and her suitor are free to love. 61 min. Reviews and articles: Johnson, Russell L.

Girl Shy (1924)

Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor. Cast: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Richard Daniels, Carlton Griffin. Feeling confident after having his collection of romantic stories published, a tailor's shy apprentice furiously pursues a rich girl and rescues her from marriage to the wrong man. 82 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
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Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino (Hollywood series)[Documentary]

Two great stars personified Hollywood: Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino. She sacrificed everything for stardom. He did nothing to seek the adoration which ultimately engulfed him. Swanson recalls her meteoric rise--and fall--with remarkable candor. Valentino's brother, Alberto, helps tell the story of the young Italian who became the silver screen's Great Lover--but whose private life failed to match his public image.

Hallelujah (1929)

Directed by King. Vidor. Cast: Daniels L. Haynes, Nina MaeMcKinney, William Fountaine, Harry Gray, Fanny Belle DeKnight, Everett McGarrity, Victoria Spivey, Dixie Jubilee Singers. Anall-Black cast film which depicts the life of a rural southern Black family written according to racist stereotypes prevalent in 1929. Themes show illiterate Black plantation life, singing,dancing and gambling, religious beliefs and practices ,including a special baptism sequence, and the relationships between men and women in a "sinful environment".

Her Night of Romance (1924)

Director, Sidney Franklin. Cast: Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, Albert Gran, Jean Hersholt. An heiress traveling in England disguises herself to discourage fortune hunters. She falls in love with a handsome nobleman who is secretly impoverished. 70 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Her Sister from Paris (1925)

Directed by Sidney Franklin. Cast: Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, George K. Arthur, Gertrude Claire. An impoverished British lord (Paul Menford) impersonates a doctor in order to woo an ailing American heiress (Dorothy Adams). The lord is in it for love, but his business associate (Joe Diamond) smells money. Cast: Constance Talmadge, Ronald Colman, Albert Gran, Jean Hersholt. 70 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

His Excellency (Yevo prevoshoditelstvo) (Soviet Union, 1928)

Directed by Grigori Roshal. Based on the life of Hirsch Lekert, a shoemaker and militant Jewish Labor Bund member, who attempted to assassinate the Vilna governor in 1902 to avenge the flogging of workers who participated in a May Day rally. Although the film was intended "as a track against individualism...a greater emphasis is placed on class struggle within the Jewish community." Bourgeois Jewish Zionists find themselves pitted against fellow Jewish proletariats and the government. 76 min.

Hula (1927)

Director, Victor Fleming. Cast: Clara Bow, Clive Brook, Arlette Marchal, Albert Gran, Agostino Borgato. The daughter of a pineapple plantation owner in "Hula" Calhoun, the daughter of a Hawaiian Planter, sidesteps the dissolute influence of her father through the guidance of her Uncle Edwin, who prefers a more natural existence to the society life of the family. although Hula is adored by Harry Dehan, a boisterous rounder, she becomes infatuated with Anthony Haldane, a young English engineer who comes to supervise the construction of a dam on the estate.

Hungry Hearts (1922)

Directed by E. Mason Hopper. Cast: E. A. Warren, Rosa Rosanova, Helen Ferguson, Bryant Washburn, A. Budin, Edwin B. Tilton, George Siegmann, Otto Lederer, Bert Sprotte. This film focuses on the trials and challenges of the Levin family who emigrate from Eastern Europe to New York City. Filmed on location on the Lower East Side, this bittersweet classic captures the hopes and hardships of Jewish immigrants in the New World. Based on the novel by Anzia Yezierska. 80 min. ; Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

It (1927)

Directors, Clarence Badger, Hugh Munro Neely. Cast: Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno, William Austin, Jacqueline Gadsdon, Elinor Glyn, Priscilla Bonner, Julia Swayne Gordon, Gary Cooper. Bonus DVD feature: Clara Bow: discovering the "It" girl: A documentary featuring scenes from 25 of Clara Bow's films, as well as interviews with family members and acquaintances including biographer David Stenn, Budd Schulberg, Leonard Maltin and her son, Rex Bell Jr. A saucy lingerie salesgirl sets her sights on the handsome owner of the department store where she works. 72 min.