UC Berkeley Library

City Symphony

Films by Dominic Angerame. A collection of five distinct films centering around the city environment in a constant state of change, focusing on images of construction and destruction of modern structures in the urban environment. Continuum Continuum centers on the people who perform hard manual labor, such as tarring roofs, digging up streets, etc. 1987. 15 min. Deconstruction Sight Shows how in the modern methods of construction activities men and women have become insignificant behind mammoth tools of destruction. The machines have taken over. 1955. 13 min. In the Course of Human Events In the course of human events centers its visuals on the demolition of the Embarcadero Freeway which was structurally damaged during the 1989 earthquake. 1997. 25 min. The Line of Fire In The Line of fire the filmmaker returns the next day to his apartment building that had burned the previous day to film the aftermath. 1997. 9 min. Premonition In Premonition the concrete world of the American infra-structure and its demise are made strangely poetic in this expressionist documentary which shows the vacant San Francisco Embarcadero Freeway after it has outlived its usefulness, but before its destruction. 1995. 11 min.