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Chinese Animation. Volume 2. (1983-1998)

Contents: Snipe-clam Grapple (Hu Jinqing, 1983, 7 min.): Delicate cut-paper animation drawn from a Chinese proberb. Wanderings of San Mao (A Da, 1984, 10 min.): Features the life of a small orphan boy trying to survive in a war torn world. 36 Characters (A Da, 1984, 12 min.): Authentic Chinese pictograms are used for the humans and animals in this ancient Chinese story. Selecting Beauty (Wang Shuchen, 1987, 8 min.): A cel animation feature showing the way in which royalty choose their wives. Mantis Stalks Cicada (Hu Jinqing, 1988, 4 min.): Created from observations of nature, a film impeccably animated with cut-paper and landscape painting. Fishdish (Fang Runnan, 1988, 4 min.): A painted fish appears to swim off its dish. Feeling from Mountain and Water (Te Wei, Yan Sanchun, Ma Kexuan, 1988, 20 min.): A brush-painting animation of the tender story of the bond between a master musician and his protege. Deer and Bull (Zou Qin, 1992, 10 min.): Using only strips of bamboo bent into the shapes of animals this puppet animation is a powerful metaphor for war. Cat and Rat (Hu Jinqing, 1992, 3 min.): Another exquisite cut-paper animation. Snow Fox (Hu Jinqing, 1998, 2 min.): This cut-paper animation is an appeal for the protection of wildlife.

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