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Chinese Animation. Volume 1. (1960-1981)

Contents: Where is Mama (Te Wei, Qian Jiajun, 1960, 10 min.): Pioneering brush-painting animation of a school of tadpoles in search of "mama." Clever Duckling (Yu Zhenguang, 1960, 5 min.): Animation adapted from the folk art of folded paper. One Night in an Art Gallery (A Da, Lin Wenxiao, 1978, 15 min.): This controversial cel animation ostensibly made for children features a sub-text about the reign and fall of the "Gang of Four," the leaders responsible for the devastation of the cultural revolution. Three Monks (A Da, 1980, 20 min.): Offers a unique version of an ancient proverb about learning to live and work together for survival. Monkeys Fish the Moon (Zhou Keqin, 1981, 10 min.): Charming cut-paper animation about some very mischievous monkeys. Buffalo Boy and the Flute (Te Wei, Qian Jiajun, 1963, 20 min.): Brush-painted animation expressing the delicate relationship between man and nature. 90 min. total; all credits and titles in Chinese.

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