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Beowulf (1999)

Directed by Graham Baker. Cast: Christopher Lambert, Oliver Cotton, Gotz Otto, Layla Roberts. Living in a techno-futile world of the future, a medieval land where technology's secrets are locked away in a mute past, Beowulf fights his way through a besieging army and into a mysterious, ominous castle on the edge of nowhere to face an evil within. 93 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database See also:Bildhauer, Bettina. "Animation and the human between animal and cyborg : Jester Till, Beowulf, The adventures of Prince Ahmed." In: Filming the Middle Ages / Bettina Bildhauer. London : Reaktion Books, 2011 (Main (Gardner) Stacks PN1995.9.M52 B55 2011)Chen, Kuo-jung. "The Untold Stories of Beowulf: Cinematic Renditions and Textual Interpretations." Tamkang Review: A Quarterly of Literary and Cultural Studies 41. 1 (2010 Dec): 111-131.Forni, Kathleen. "Graham Baker's Beowulf: Intersections between High and Low Culture" Literature/Film Quarterly 35. 3 (2007): 244-249. Full-text of this article / review is available:Magennis, Hugh. "Michael Crichton, Ibn Fadlan, Fantasy Cinema: Beowulf at the Movies." Old English Newsletter (35:1) pp. 34-38, 2001 Fall Full-text of this article / review is available: