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Beat Street (1984)

Director, Stan Lathan. Cast: Rae DawnChong, Guy Davis, Robert Taylor, JonChardiet, Sandra Santiago ; cameoappearances by Us Girls, The TreacherousThree, The System, Rock Steady Crew, SoulSonic Force & Shango, The MagnificentForce, New York City Breakers, FuriousFive, Tina B., Afrika Bambaataa, Johnny B.Bad, and others. A ghetto-derived musicalfilm which delves into the hip-hop cultureof New York's streets to uncover thedespairs, dreams, and triumphs of theemerging 80s generation. Before thebackdrop of wild rhythms and whirlingbodies lies a tableau of young aspiringartists, striving to turn their fever intofame through hip-hop, graffiti art andbreak dancing. The break battle scene isthe highlight of the film when gangs fighteachother with dancing, not guns. 106 min.; Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database