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[Baldwin, James] James Baldwin.[Sound recording]

This collection of James Baldwin's speeches, talks and readings includes rare recordings made between 1962 and 1968, one of the most turbulent periods in American history. Disc 1. After the murder of four children (September 25, 1963) -- Men and women in the arts concerned with Vietnam (March 16, 1968) -- Talk at the San Francisco Masonic Auditorium (1961). Disc 2. The artist's struggle for integrity (September 1962) -- Short stories: readings from his second novel, "Giovanni's Room" (October, 1963) -- Interview with James Baldwin by Elsa Knight Thompson & John Leonard (May 7, 1963). Disc 3. Black Muslims vs. the Sit-Ins (April 25, 1961) -- Question and answer session with Baldwin at the Masonic Temple in San Francisco (May 7, 1963). James Baldwin. Pacifica Radio Archives.

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