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American Cultural History: Racism

Don't be a sucker / U.S. War Department (1947, 18 min.) -- Integration, Report 1 / Andover Productions (1960, 21 min.) -- Let us break bread together / City of New York, Board of Education (1954, 26 min.) Don't be a sucker: Uses the example of Nazi Germany to drive home the point that American's should not be fooled by people who wage a war against minorities. It warns them not to be "a sucker" and to live in harmony despite differences of color, race or religion. Integration, Report 1: Historical footage of the Civil Rights Movement in 1959 and 1960 including footage of rallies staged in Montgomery, Brooklyn and Washington, D.C. Let us break bread together: A promotional film on Detroit as the host city for the 1968 Olympics showing views of highways, automobile manufacturing, a diverse population and social activities, all shot prior to the city's economic decline.