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Alles moet weg (Everything Must Go) (Belgium, 1996)

Directed by Jan Verheyen. Cast: Stany Crets, Peter Van den Begin, Jaak van Assche, Camilia Blereau, Alice Toen. In this black comedy, a pair of young losers face-up to the futility of fighting conservative Belgian Establishment. Tony comes from an upper middle class family. Both of his parents are prominent lawyers. Soon after flunking his legal exams, the aimless Tony steals some of his parents cash and takes off for a cross-country drive in his van. Along the way, he encounters the ex-con Andreeke, a man who loves wandering about and steals for the joy of it. Wanting some kicks, the new buddies rob Tony's house. Afterward, Andreeke departs and returns to the tiny bistro he owns. Tony is still yearning for more trouble so tries to con a cagey, dying old woman. Unfortunately for him, she proves to be the better con artist. Later, Andreeke, who has lost his restaurant, and Tony reteam to try and rob a bank. Only one of them survives the heist. In Dutch with optional subtitles in French, English and Dutch. 105 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

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