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Afros, Macks, 'n Zodiacs. Vol. 1: ACompilation of Some of the Best BlackAction Films of the 1970's

Features clips and trailer attractionsfrom black action motion pictures that werefilmed and released in the 1970s. "You'llsee Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones-- twochicks with guts. And what about thatbad-ass Fred "The Hammer" Williams, shotfulof lead and he still ain't dead! You'llvisit The Mack Superfly and Blacula--thesebrothers have drive and don't take no jive!So turn on your black light, sit back anddig this compilation of Black action!"Films reviewed: Blacula,Monkey Hustle, The Mack, Dr. Black & Mr.Hyde, Dolemite, Cleopatra Jones, FoxyBrown, Ebony ivory and jade, Black beltJones, Shaft, Super dude, Cotton comes toHarlem, Trouble man, Super fly, Lets do itagain, Which way is up?, Black Caeser, Hellup in Harlem, Cool breeze, The humantornado, Disco godfather, Sheba Baby, Blackmama white mama, Cleopatra Jones and theCasino of Gold, Scream Blacula scream, soulto soul, That man Bolt, The soul of NiggerCharlie, Across 110th street, The big birdcage, Book of numbers, Trick baby, TruckTurner and more. 91 min.