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A series presenting Africa through the eyes of its people, conveying the beauty and diversity of the continent and the compelling personal stories of those who shape its future. Originally broadcast Sept. 9-Oct. 28, 2001 on the PBS program: Nature.
Episode 1. Savannah Homecoming. Witness the spendor of East Africa's golden plains set against the backdrop of age-old animal migrations in this story of two women and their journeys between bustling cities and rural landscapes.
Episode 1. Desert Odyssey. A nine-year old boy embarks on his first camel caravan through the Sahara Desert following a time-honored Tuareg tradition as they make a 1,500 mile, six-month trek that provides an opportunity for commerce and serves as a voyage of discovery.
Episode 3. Voices of the Forest. The dense rain forest of Central Africa's Congo River Basin is home to the Baka people and a complex variety of plants and animals. But the logging of its old-growth timber by outside interests could endanger the rain forest, threaten Baka villages, and have an adverse impact on local businesses.
Episode 4. Mountains of Faith. Discover Ethiopia's rugged beauty and ancient traditions as a young entrepreneur goes on his annual pilgrimage from the cosmopolitan capital to his family's rural village. Then join another young man as he embarks on a spiritual journey deep into the Horn of Africa.
Episode 5. Love in the Sahel. Near the edge of the wind-swept Sahara, two young men participate in age-old rituals. Despite their different backgrounds, both youths have the same goal: To make a successful passage into manhood and become full-fledged members of their respective communities.
Episode 6. Restless Waters. In the midst of Africa's fertile heartland, on Lake Victoria, a man risks his family's savings for a chance at a better life, while 500 miles away, in the Kilombero Valley, another family's fortune is at the mercy of the elements.
Episode 7. Southern Treasures. Since apartheid's dramatic downfall in 1994, South Africans from all walks of life have embarked on a remarkable journey in search of a new future. Witness their efforts through the eyes of young women seeking new careers, miners struggling in a changing industry and indigenous peoples reclaiming a storied past.
Episode 8. Making of Africa. Join the National Geographic project's director, producers, cameramen and researchers as they travel to sixteen countries in a three-year effort to meet the challenge of documenting the fascinating people and wildlife of Africa.