UC Berkeley Library

51th Annual Clio Awards (2010)

This program captures 2010's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include "America" (Levi's), "Bring it to Life" (Draught Guinnes), "Child Pornography" (ECPAT), "DJ Hero" (Activision/Freestyle Games), "Every Team Needs 'The Spark'" (Adidas), "Field Generals" (Nike), "Focus Group" (Nokia), "Gym" and "Model" (MTV), "Lost Barrel" (Jameson Whiskey), "Memories" (Barnardo's Children's Charity), "Minimalism" (MINI), "Plant" (Skittles), "Reading" (Viagra), "Re-ignition" (Cadillac), "Rising" (Pepsi), "Teddy Bear Chase" (HBO), "Time Traveler" and "Customer Care" (Apple), "Winter Olympics" (BGC), and many more. 116 min.