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45th Annual Clio Awards, 2004

Presents the 2004 winners of the gold, silver and bronze Clio Awards. Entries include Nike's "Gamebreakers," NASCAR's "Rear-Ended," CBS sports' "Drive Thru," Sony's "Gravity Bomb,", Pepsi's "Wounded", Toyota's "Party Dress", Apple's "Hip-Hop", Hewlett Packard's "Il Postino" MasterCard's "I Can't Believe it, Buddy!" Visa's "Monster Chase," Delta Airlines' "The Stumbler," Heineken's "USA/Sue," Anheuser Busch's "Genius/Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer," Miller Brewing Company's "Dominoes," PBS's "Puppets," the UN/Ad Council's "School," and the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust's "Thomas" and "Thomas Returns". 144 min.